National Mariners Association
Captain Joseph Dady, President
14961 Masthead Landing Circle
Winter Garden, FL 34787
Captain Richard A. Block, Historian

Introduction:  The National Mariners Association (NMA) is a non-profit mariner membership organization.  You can read about us on our website,  Our Association gathered and compiled many documents to inform and instruct an estimated 126,000 licensed and unlicensed “limited-tonnage” credentialed merchant mariners.  These mariners serve on U.S.-Flag commercial vessels such as tugs, towboats, offshore supply vessels, small passenger vessels, and charter boats.  
Hours of Service Issues
Coastguard's Administrative Law Systems
Mariner Safety, Health, and Welfare Issues
Standards of Training, Ceritification and Watchkeeping (STCW)
Maintaining A Lookout
Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) issues
Mariner Whistleblower Protection
Mariner Employment Issues
Pilothouse Visibility Issue
Mariner Appeals to the Public
Mariner Medical, Public Health, and Welfare Issues
Federal Issues
Major Accidents Affecting Limited Tonnage Mariner Series
Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Activities
Offical Logbooks
Towing Vessels - Inspection, Manning & Employment [Also see #R-212.]
Vessel Manning
Towing Officer Assessment Records (TOAR)
Reports to the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)
Accident & Injury Reporting Requirements
Maritime Accidents - Bridge Allisions
Recreational Boat Casualty
Unseaworthy Vessels
R-315 (Series) Drugs & Alcohol (also see R-377, rev.3 13p.
USCG Assessor's Manual
Mariner Accidents: Oversize and Overloaded Tows
Mariner Rights
Mariners Request Congressional Assistance
Towing Industry ( also see Reports #R-366, R-401-A, R-426, R427)
Lifesaving and Firefighting Issues
R-370 (Series) - 12 Hour Rule Violations
Administrative Clemency
Maritime Accident – Towing Vessels  [Also see #R-340-A; #e-429-D; #R-433; #R-433-A]
Potable Water and Food Service
Maritime Accident - Oversize and Overloaded Tow {Also see #R-390-A, #R-421, #R-427}
Historical Documents (Series) [Also see #R-248-C, #R-428-B, #R-429-F, #R-428-A, #R-428-B, #R-428-C]
Vessel Engineers Injuries & Fatalities
Coast Guard Mismanagement of Limited Tonnage Mariners {Also see #R-324; #372; #383; #393)
Towing Safety Advisory Committee {Also see #R-384 rev.1; #R-417 rev.2; #R-421]
Charts and Publications
Maritime Education and Training {Also see #R-415-A; #R-415-b}
R-429 (Series) Coast Guard Investigations and Administrative Law. [Also see Reports R-389, 396,204 rev.1]
Tonnage Issues
Small Passenger Vessel Casualties
Towing Vessel Fatalities
Mariner Health & Medical Issues
Pollution Prevention & Environmental Crimes
Commerical Vessel Theft