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Federal Level

United States Coast Guard (USCG)

USCG 8th District

USCG National Maritime Center

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT)

U.S National Weather Service (NWSNOAA)


State Level

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources


Unions, Associations

The Master of Towing Vessels Association (MTVA) Forum

United Marine Division, International Longshoreman’s Association, Local 333

I Shove Barges (good information source for the mariner)



  The industry's most comprehensive license defense coverage,
  available with no costs other than your annual premium
  Protecting the Licenses and Livelihoods of:
  • Blue Water Officers
  • Brown Water Officers
  • Great Lakes Officers & Pilots
  • Passenger Vessel Officers
  • Federal Pilots
  • State Pilots

Marine Education Textbooks carries a complete line of study & training material for mariners preparing for USCG exams, shipboard training and more.

Capt. David Whitehurst

Licensed Inland & Western Rivers, Over Forty years’ experience,  Expert Witness, Maritime Consultant & USCG Certified Designated Examiner 

Ph :(985)518-3874


Captain Gary Hensley

Master Towing Vessels upon Inland Waters, Western Rivers, Great Lakes & Near Coastal Waters Over 30 Years’ Experience, USCG Certified Designated Examiner, Trip Pilot, Expert Witness & Maritime Consultant


Lafourche Merchant Marine Training Services, Inc.


Offers you the courses you need!

License upgrades, radar and celestial endorsements help you stay at the top of your career!


Let Lafourche Merchant Marine meet your training needs. Here’s a sample of our Courses:

• 500/1600 Gross Ton Master or Mate prep class

•100/200 Gross Ton Master/USCG-approved testing done on site

• Upgrade 100 Gross Ton Master to 200 Gross Ton Master/USCG-approved testing done on site

• Radar Observer/Radar renewal /USCG-STCW approved testing done on site

• Able Bodied Seaman/USCG-approved testing done on site

• Celestial Navigation 200/(500/1600/STCW) Gross Ton/USCG-approved (testing done on site)

• Basic Safety Training/STCW-approved/USCG-approved testing done on site


The following modules are available: Elementary First Aid and CPR, Personnel Safety and Social Responsibility.


• Visual Communications (Flashing Light)/ STCW-approved/USCG-approved testing done on site

• Shipboard Coordinator (Fishing Industry)/USCG-approved testing done on site

• American Red Cross First Aid and CPR/USCG-approved testing done on site

• Master of Towing Vessels/USCG-approved testing done on site


Assistance with U.S. Coast Guard paperwork $75.00 per consultation. This service is only $30.00 for those enrolled in LMMTS courses.


Call us and enroll now.


Lafourche Merchant Marine Training Services, INC.

4290 Hwy 1

Raceland, LA 70394

PHONE: (985) 537-1222

FAX: (985) 537-1225