National Mariners Association

Captan Richard A. Block, Historian

About NMA


It's time for mariners to have a voice of their own!  Every mariner is aware that there are an increasing number of government regulations that impact the marine industry and alter the course of their jobs.  Boat companies are becoming larger and larger and these companies and the government regulators are continuing to limit mariners choices.


During these times, mariners must  understand that they have certain interests that are independent from those of their employers and must do their best to protect those interests.  Mariners must ensure that their health, safety and workplace interests are not overlooked.


 NMA has a thirteen-year track record of standing up for mariner rights and asserting the health, safety and workplace issues. We are an association of "lower-level" mariners working for mariners on tugs, towboats, offshore supply vessels, and small passenger vessels.  We provide mariners with information about government rules and regulations and of general interest to our mariners that affect their jobs, licenses and merchant mariner documents. We represent mariners before government agencies as decisions are being made.


We insist on being treated as an equal partner of both government and management.  We point out that without our experience, knowledge and services, nothing afloat will move! We work to preserve the Jones Act to ensure there is always a U.S.-flag maritime industry we can work in.


We promote the professionalism of our mariners and their valuable contributions to our economy, industry, the community and the U.S. Merchant Marine we are a proud part of.

We accept calls from our mariners about job-related problems and direct them to the resources they need to solve those problems.  When necessary, these resources include admiralty attorneys, and government agencies with programs that resolve employment issues.